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Brand Localization

More and more global brands seek to expand their markets and at the same time try to preserve their brand voice. A possibility is to simply translate each page to many languages, but to opt for to invest in website localization, might be a better investment.

If your company wants to expand globally, it’s essential to have a brand that  adapts to the local market’s needs. To have the content on your site in your own language, is a valuable asset. In the Netherlands, the penetration of people speaking, reading and understanding English is very high. However, a translation of your website into Dutch is a must-have for any brand that wants to concentrate on being successful. Users will likely stay longer on your site, understand your products better which will lead to a higher conversion rate, and that’s what you would want for your site. Above this, consistency of your brand and localization of your site will express consistency in brand image.  It should be part of the strategy to localize your content.